• This section is to allow you to find the quickest answer to the most popular questions our customer service team receives. If you still can not find an answer to your question, please contact us at 4info@blackforgeknives.net
      • Online  Ordering
      • Q.Can I purchase your knives directly ?
      • A. we would be happy to sell you the product (which includes shipping charges) Via our website with Paypal .We charge a flate rate shipping of 17$US. And on each extra purchase we charge 6$ .
      • Q. If I place an order today, when will it be delivered?
      • A. Orders typically take up to 24 hours to process into our system, please then allow approximately 3 to 5 days for processing to shipping, and in some RARE cases, up to 5 to 7 days to become available. Once your order has left the factory as a shipment, an order tracking email will be sent with a tracking number. After shipping it takes 3 to 5 business days for delivery worldwide through DHL courier.
      • Q.Order confirmation message?
      • A.An automatic order confirmation email sent to your email as soon as you place order with us,If email does not appear into your Inbox,Then please check your Junk or Spam folder.
      • Q. What form of payment does your website accept?
      • A. You can order conveniently on this website with Paypal .
      • A.Please email 4info@blackforgeknives.net
      • Q.HOW DO I CARE and MAINTAIN FOR MY Black Forge KNIFE Damascus and D2 high carbon steel?
      • A.Keep the metal oiled Coating the blade in Vaseline or a light oil (such as WD 40 or olive oil) will keep the moisture from staining the blade and avoid long-term storage of Damascus & CARBON blades in leather sheaths because the leather can hold moisture against the metal, causing rust
      • We also welcome Corporate gifting queries.Browse our existing collection of Handmade Knives. Suitable for fuss-free bulk gifting and a quick turnaround.We are able to manage deliveries within your desired time frame, ensuring your corporate gifts are delivered timely and safely.A gift that reminds your client of you every time. A gift they can enjoy year-round, every day. A gift that will turn heads and catch eyes.A simple show of gratitude goes a long way. Our knives will have your name brought up every time a friend or family member asks, "Where did you get that incredible knife?"We provide exceptional gifting solutions that become cherished heirlooms for your clients, forever associated with you
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