Art#: 26140

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  • Damascus Steel Cigar Rest/Knuckle/Pendant
  • Length: 2.10"
  • Width: 1.60"
  • Thick:  0.5"
  • Weight:  135 gram approx
  • The Damascus Steel EDC Cigar Rest and Knuckle with dagger slot and hole for chain as pendant use.The groove for a cigar rest.

Every Day Carry tools are some of the most badass items one finds in their arsenal gear. Our Damascus Steel EDC Cigar Rest , Knuckle and Pendant is no exception. With its solid weighted dimensions, its a multi EDC must have.
Use it for a multitude of functions, tactical tool, Survival Ring, Window Breaker, Cigar Nubber Stand, Cigar Rest, pendant, and why not, a paper weight.
Use the largest hole which has smooth tapered grooves for finger, the medium hole is a paracord placement (not included) or use it as a pendant, the smallest hole is halfway deep and is designed to prop up your Cigar Dagger Nubbers. Lastly, the groove all the way across is designed to be used as a cigar rest.
All in solid Damascus Steel, a truly a multi function, every day tool to own.
*Cigars,Cigar Dagger and Chain Shown in photos are for display purposes only and not included with the Golf Course Cigar Rest Caddy. 



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