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  • Features:
  • Damascus Steel Chopsticks Pair with Stand/Rest.
  • These sticks are made from Damascus Steel 
  • You can reuse these sticks after washing them.Treat them with Olive Oil always.
  • You can eat Chinese, Japanese, and Asian cuisine from these sticks.
  • You can easily hold these chop sticks, as they are light in weight.
  • These  sticks have a tight grip on food which does not let food slip.
  • These sticks are ideal for gifting
  • Tips for using chopsticks

    Before chopsticks, Wash them in hot water and dry them using any soft cloth. After drying, you can use them.

    How can you eat with chopsticks?

    Eating chopsticks is very easy as they are light in weight and have a tight grip on food. You can also search for many tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to eat chopsticks.

    How to hold chopsticks?

    You can quickly grab the chopsticks between your two fingers and thumb. Their tight grip makes eating the food easy and does not let it fall.


    • Material: Solid Premium Damascus Steel
    • Type: Chopsticks
    • Colour: Grey and silver As shown in the picture
    • Size: Approx. 9"Inch
    • Cleaning: Can be cleaned through hand wash.recommended
    • Reusable: Yes
    • Weight: Light in weight
    • Package includes: 1 pairs of chopsticks with rest stand (3 pieces in total)



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