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 With a barrel crafted from Damascus steel, this Damascus Mechanical  ballpoint Pen is truly a stand-out writing instrument. The smooth writing feel with Schneider refill and balanced weight make it as functional as it is collectible.   

- Handmade Mechanical Ballpoint Pen 
- Refillable 
- Total Length: 5" 
- Diameter: 12mm 
- Material: 1095 + 15N20 Damascus Steel 
- Stainless Steel Pocket Clip 
- Includes 1 Schneider Express 735B Black Ink Refill
- PLEASE NOTE: Due To Its High Susceptibility To Rust, Damascus Steel Products Will Arrive Fully Coated In A Protective, Non-Toxic Mineral Oil. The Oil Can Be Easily Washed Off Before Use, And The Blade Should Be Regularly Oiled With Any Household Oil Over The Course of Its Life To Prevent Corrosion.



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